Dull Complexion? 5 Ways To Get Radiant Skin In No Time

If you chose to be a little lax with your usual skin care routine this summer, you're probably noticing that your skin isn't looking its best heading into fall. Warmer weather often means hours of sun, long vacation flights, and more late-night snacks or indulgences than usual, all of which can leave your skin starving for attention.

Not only is the summer catching up with your skin, but the change in season is also probably resulting in some blemishes and dull skin as your body adapts to a new environment and temperature. As we start to add more layers to our clothing, it's also important to switch up our self-care routine.

Nourish from the inside out.

Follow these tips to give your skin a reboot and you'll have that radiant, well-rested glow in no time!

1. Nutritious foods = skin magic.

Poolside cocktails and carnival corn dogs send our blood sugar (and gut) into a tailspin! The overproduction of insulin causes collagen damage, making wrinkles appear on our skin.

Bring balance to your diet by adding antioxidant-rich foods like kale, blueberries, grapefruit, sweet potatoes, and broccoli that protect your skin from free radical damage. Adding foods that contain essential fatty acids and vitamin E (such as almonds, avocado, and fish) also helps to keep your skin moist and give it that healthy glow.

2. Exfoliating is your friend.

During the summer months, we spend a lot of time outdoors exposing our skin to the sun, wind, and other environmental pollutants. This is why it's crucial to always remember to exfoliate.

Exfoliating removes old, dead skin cells and speeds up cell renewal, allowing new, healthy skin cells to grow. As we age, cellular turnover slows, causing excessive dead skin to lie on the surface, leading to a dull, unhealthy, and wrinkled look.

To combat this, use a gentle exfoliant (no harsh chemicals or microbeads) that sloughs off dead cells and leaves your skin feeling vibrant and hydrated. Removing the dead skin cells also helps our serums and moisturizers absorb more efficiently and better nourishes the skin.

3. Mother Nature knows best.

It’s no coincidence that the sight of changing leaves reminds us of pumpkin-everything! Visit your local farmers market to find a bounty of foods that will enhance your natural beauty.

The fall harvest is full of nourishing fruits and vegetables that pair perfectly with warming spices: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves (think baked apples with cinnamon or roasted acorn squash with curry powder). Warming spices promote circulation and combat dryness, creating that natural glow. Look to the market for healthy comfort foods: baked sweet potato with ghee and a dash of cayenne pepper or roasted carrots cooked in coconut oil and ground cumin. Nourish from the inside out.

4. Break a sweat ...

... and a healthy glow will show up on your face. We associate exercise with strong, healthy bodies, but we sometimes forget that being active is an excellent boost for radiant skin. As we exercise, our pores dilate, letting the sweat clean junk off our faces. As an added bonus, exercising decreases stress, which robs us of healthy, youthful-looking skin. Go to the gym, sign up for a Pilates class, or go for a hike. Your skin will thank you.

5. Opt for oils and serums.

Incorporate high-quality oils and serums into your self-care routine as a way of nurturing the body and promoting relaxation. Ayurveda prescribes self-care rituals to ease the transition through the seasons. Vata season correlates with fall and is identified as cold, dry, light, and windy.

During this season, Ayurveda recommends a daily practice of self-abhyanga (massage) using oils to combat the dryness of the season — something you can easily incorporate into your existing daily routine! After washing your face and preparing for bed, use a quality facial oil to moisturize your face by placing a few drops into your palm, rubbing your palms together, and then gently patting your face while lingering with moderate pressure from your fingertips at your temples, the ridge of your eyebrows, your cheekbones, and all along your jawline up into the joint.

Do you have anything you change about your self-care routine when fall rolls around? Let us know in the comments below.

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