12 People On Why Dating Is A Nightmare In Their City

Everyone thinks their city is the worst city to meet people.

"All the guys are such douchebags here."

"Literally no one is single."

"I see my ex everywhere I go."

The reality is, of course, that each city has its pros and cons. For example, here in New York City, it's far too cold to go out and socialize sometimes, but that same brutal weather has caused the "cuffing" phenomenon, in which people who would normally rather be single find themselves wishing to be attached to someone with whom they can spend prolonged indoor time.

But there are those dates (or non-dates) that are so quintessentially your city — like getting trapped with someone unsavory on the subway — that other locals can relate to so well. The usual response: "That would happen here."

So, we gathered those stories from our friends around the country, and these are our favorites:

San Francisco: "Which tech company do you work for?"

— 23, Business Development Representative

Detroit: "Everyone knows each other from high school or college."

— 23, Sports Reporter/Producer

Los Angeles: "The conversation was like pulling teeth."

— 27, Casting Coordinator

New York: "He turned out to be a secret sex fiend."

— 24, Freelance Writer

Memphis: "These jeans cost me $300!"

— 27, Esthetics Student

Chicago: "I don't like New Yorkers."

— 27, Account Manager

New Orleans: "I'm already too in love with the city."

— 24, Teacher

Boston: "He puked on me."

— 29, Corporate Hotel Sales Manager

Nashville: "He posted a Sonogram to his Facebook."

— 30, Freelance Copy Editor

Washington, D.C.: "We somehow got on the topic of waterboarding."

— 30, Management Consultant

Atlanta: "You'd better take good care of my sister."

— 25, IT Professional

Anchorage: "It's like dating in a fishbowl."

— 34, Lawyer

Tell us your favorite dating story in the comments below!

Photos: Stocksy and Getty Images

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