You'll Never Guess What The World's Oldest Woman Eats Every Day

What is 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones' secret to longevity? Well, bacon, of course.

A profile of the Brooklyn resident — known as "Miss Susie" — from Page Six reveals that she doesn't just eat it in the morning with her eggs; she eats bacon "all day long," according to her niece Lois Judge says.

Here's her usual meal plan:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon

Lunch: fruit

Dinner: meat, vegetables, and potatoes (but she always "eats the meat first")

Now that's a committed carnivore. She's also very committed to sleep, as she told the New York Daily News.

While she's lost her eyesight, she remains "alert," according to her grandniece Myra Simpson. She's not bedridden, takes only two medications a day, and is still quick-witted, referring to her hearing loss as "selective hearing." (We'll bet she can hear the bacon sizzling in the pan loud and clear.)

If nothing else, this reminds us that while our bodies may be temples, a little bacon — or whatever not-so-great-for-you foods you crave — never hurt nobody.

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