How To Have A Social Life (Without The Hangover, Guilt, Or Feeling Like Sh*t)

We go into a girls' night thinking it’s all about drinks, treats, and laughter. A lot of the time, there is pressure to keep up with everyone else by continuing to indulge past the point of comfort. The following tips can help you create nights that are all about having amazing, memorable experiences that don’t leave you feeling hungover, guilty, or bogged down by sugar the next day.

1. If you go into the girls’ night thinking you’ll overeat, you will.

When you tell yourself something is going to happen, it usually does. If you spend your whole week thinking you’re going to “blow your diet” once you’re at the girls' night, you definitely will.

Instead, be gentle and kind to yourself by thinking about how much fun it’s going to be. Picture yourself laughing, telling hilarious stories, and sharing exciting news. This can set you up to have a healthy and happy girls' night.

2. Focus on why you’re there.

What are you all getting together for? What is the purpose? You’re there to enjoy one another's company! When you focus on the purpose, you’re less likely to overeat and drink in excess. Here are some ways to one another's company:

  • Be intentional about putting your phone away!
  • Engage in the conversation.
  • Bring a new game you haven’t tried.
  • If it starts lagging, ask a silly question that will pick it back up!
  • Ask yourself, “What can I do right now to make this even more amazing?”

3. Move away from peer pressuring.

We’ve all been the one to pressure a friend to have another brownie or glass of wine, and we’ve all been the one who’s gotten pressured. But in order to have a balanced and healthy girls' night, we’ve got to move away from the pressuring. It can help to use a phrase such as, “I’m doing my best to listen to my body, and so I’m passing on another drink,” if you are feeling pressured.

Seriously, do what’s right for you and try not to stress about what others are doing. If you’re hungry, eat. If you want to enjoy another drink, get one! Instead of being caught up in what your girlfriends are doing, do what sounds good to you. When you listen to your body, it becomes way easier to enjoy the night and treats in moderation.

4. Enjoy the goodies.

Instead of telling yourself you can’t have the fun foods that are out, enjoy the ones that sound great to you (you won’t feel deprived this way) while savoring them! Eat slowly, sit down to eat, and take a deep breath to become calm before eating. Instead of standing up at the bar to eat, sit down. Take the foods you’re craving, knowing you can have more if you want to, then try to sit away from the food and beverage table (out of sight, out of mind).

5. Celebrate successes of the people around you.

Try to move away from jealousy or comparison by feeling happy for the people around you. In order to truly have a pleasurable night and feel fulfilled (without needing to go back to the food table), let yourself be genuinely excited for all the women you’re with. Interrupt yourself if you find yourself thinking, “Her outfit is so much cuter than mine!” or “Ugh, I wish I had her lifestyle.” The better mood you’re in and better friend you are, the easier it will be to keep the girls' night healthy.

6. Say thank you.

It’s easy to avoid compliments, or try to push them away. But avoiding a compliment a friend gives you (“oh my gosh, seriously?! These are my fat jeans”), say thank you! Accept the compliment and try not to put yourself down while doing so. This does not serve you in any way.

7. Get a good night's sleep the day before.

We all know sleep is important. In this instance, though, you must get quality sleep before the girls' night.

How will this help you? If you’re exhausted, it’s harder to make decisions that make you feel great. If you’re well-rested it’s much easier to eat in a way that feels good for you, be kind and present with your friends, and leave feeling like you had a great time.

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