Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without the use of logical reasoning. It comes from the Latin word "intueri," which roughly translates, "to look inside." It's also being in tune with the energy around us. We all listen to our instincts at one time or another, whether it's having a premonition or walking into a room and knowing an argument just took place.

Everyone had special intuitive gifts. They can come in the form of knowing, seeing, hearing, or feeling -- some people have prophetic dreams, others are good with numbers or dates, while others have a gut feeling that something is about to happen or just don't trust someone because they make them feel uncomfortable.

Reiki and Intuition
As a society, we believe if something can't be proven or seen, it doesn't exist. But just being open to the idea and knowing that you are full of energy will help open the door to your intuition.

Of course, I can't help tying Reiki into this. Reiki sessions are another way for you to connect to your intuition and the energy all around us. What I love most about the system of Reiki is that for me, it's one of the profoundest ways to open people up to the possibilities they already hold in their life.

How to Cultivate It
Try writing it down (or at least consciously noticing it) when you get a gut feeling: include whether you act on it or not, and where you feel it (e.g. your stomach, your head, your heart, etc.) By writing it down you can review it later and perhaps see a pattern -- maybe everytime you didn't go with your intuition things didn't work out as well. Like with any skill or gift, practice helps.

"No more words, hear only the voice within." --Rumi

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