4 Yoga Stretches To Do On Your Next Flight

I'm always astounded by how horrible my body feels during and after a flight — even after the short ones! I'm a short person, but I still feel cramped in my economy seat. Even when I put my seat back and elevate my feet on my purse, within an hour, my low back aches, my legs get stiff, my shoulders are hunched forward, and I'm in a sour mood.

On a recent flight back from Hawaii, I did some yoga in my chair and the aisle and it made me feel like I was on cloud nine, comfortable and stretched out. Try these poses on your next flight. They should do the trick in lengthening out your scrunched-up body and make you feel more comfortable.

1. Shoulder Stretch

Sit in your chair or stand with your feet firmly grounded hip-width apart. Interlace your fingers at your chest, then flip the palms up and extend your arms overhead while you straighten them. Hold for five breaths, then release.

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2. Hip Opener

Hip opener. Stand with your feet firmly grounded, hip-width apart, and set your arms in front of you on a stable surface (sides of seat backs are great). Cross an ankle over the standing thigh then slide your hips back as you bend your standing knee to stretch your hips and groin. Stand up and release after five breaths. Repeat on the other side.

3. Thigh Stretch

Stand with your feet firmly grounded, hip-width apart, and reach your left arm in front of you onto a stable surface. Bend your right leg behind you and take your right hand to the right foot. Slowly kick your right thigh back as your lift your chest. Hold for five breaths, release, then repeat on the other side.

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4. Shoulder, Chest, And Back Stretch

Stand with your feet firmly grounded hip-width apart. Interlace your fingers behind your back, and lift your chest while you stretch your arms back for five breaths, then release.

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Here are a few more yoga sequences to help with your flexibility:

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