21 Signs You've Found A Great Workout Buddy

Written by Erin Oprea

There are a lot of obstacles to getting a good workout in. Some people have a hard time getting out of bed! Other hurdles include finding motivation, switching up workouts, and remaining consistent. There is one simple solution to all of these issues: Find a workout partner! Having that all-important friend will very likely help you stay on track and motivated — and you'll also form a lasting friendship! Here are the 21 signs that your workout buddy is really your BFF:

1. You help each other wake up really early and fit in a workout. Whether that means 6 a.m. calls, texts, or FaceTimes, you’re there for each other.

2. You get each other motivated even on rainy days.

3. You can count on each other for a killer treadmill routine.

4. After you've had a great session with weights and all you want to do is head home, your workout buddy will say, “Let’s do an ab set!” You immediately know she has your best interests at heart.

5. You always feel like crap on the same days, so you do a light workout together.

6. When you feel like crap and your workout buddy doesn’t, they make you bring it.

7. You have more inside jokes with your workout buddy than your sister.

8. You call her while on a date for suggestions on what to eat that won’t look weird but still will follow your agreed upon healthy eating plan.

9. You call each other in the middle of grocery shopping for astute nutrition advice.

10. You take a new gym class together and quietly laugh to yourselves the entire time.

11. Other gym goers are envious, obviously wishing they had such a great fitness friendship.

12. Getting celebratory coffee after a great gym session is sometimes the best part of your day.

13. You love discussing the best recovery drinks together, knowing no one else would understand this discussion.

14. You realize that you both hate bananas in smoothies, yet still include them because you thought that’s how it’s supposed to be.

15. You discovered foam rollers together and trade tips on where it hurts/helps the most.

16. All of your friends roll their eyes at both of you when foam-rolling discussions turn into a two-person soapbox session.

17. You carpool with your pre-workout mix, happily made up of music you wouldn’t share with anyone else!

18. You love finding brand-new music that will pump both of you up.

19. You get approving nods from other regular gym goers as you and your partner rock out your routines on a regular basis.

20. You have fun tackling the gym’s brand-new piece of equipment together.

21. For those who find that working out alone is the best medicine: Read again and you will find that, yes, you ARE your own best friend!!

Anything that motivates you to get going and stay healthy is crucial in life. So grab your partner and go have some fun!

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