The ONE Thing Standing Between You And The Life You Want To Live

Many healers believe that relationships and money share the same energy. Once you align with the energy of healthy relationships, you align with the energy of financial abundance, and vice versa.

In my life, there have been points when great relationships and financial security have both suddenly disappeared at the same time, leaving me wondering what was happening energetically.

After I ended a long-term relationship with the man I thought I was going to marry, I subconsciously felt unworthy. I believed that if I couldn’t make it work with him, I could never make it work with anyone.

This energy carried into my next several relationships and I slowly started believing that I wasn't lovable, supported, safe, or secure. This energy then began to leak over into my financial status. I started making financial decisions to please others so I would gain their approval and feel loved.

As I probed deeper into this cycle, I realized that it's impossible to tap into romantic or financial abundance with a wounded sense of self-esteem.

In order to shift the negative energy and manifest a healthy relationship (and wallet), we have to take actionable steps to improve our self-worth.

Nix the Resentment and Guilt by Practicing Self-Love

Concealing your emotional needs in a relationship will eventually cause you to become resentful that you are not being seen, heard, or acknowledged. But if you don't truly express your needs, they can never be acknowledged.

The same is true with financial difficulties. Whether you own a business or work for someone else, you'll never get what you want — whether it’s a raise, higher fees, or more clients — if you don't ask for it. This pattern also shows up when you are afraid to tell someone you can’t afford something because you don’t want to disappoint them. You end up spending money just to gain their approval.

If you get to the point at which you voice your emotional needs and they still aren’t met, guilt sets in. But releasing this guilt will allow you to enter new relationships and approach your finances from a place of energetic wholeness.

If you're hesitating to voice your emotional needs or let go of your guilt, it probably means you feel unsafe fully expressing yourself because you have been criticized, judged, punished, abused, rejected, or neglected in some way in the past. I have found that the key to expanding your capacity for expression is to develop your feelings of worthiness through internal exploration.

Carve out time every day to practice some self-love and consciously let go of the false fears that you are unsupported, unsafe, and insecure.

When you develop your internal sense of worth, you'll be able to receive more love and abundance. You'll energetically attract people who reflect what you feel inside. You'll find more emotionally fulfilling relationships, more clients who are ready to pay your fees, and bosses who know you are worth the raise.

If you are ready to finally own your true worth, sign up for my free video e-course.

These resources will help you successfully tap into your own self-worth:

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