10 Beautiful Yoga Poses On Instagram (Just In Time For National Yoga Month!)

Written by Gabrielle Frank

Since September is National Yoga Month, we asked all of our @mindbodygreen Instagram followers to snap a photo of their favorite yoga pose and share it. This month-long celebration of asanas led to many beautiful poses and we loved seeing them all — mbg readers are a talented, flexible bunch. Here are a few of our favorite photos. Maybe they'll inspire you to get out there and strike a pose!

@livefullon strikes tree pose while admiring San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

@bbsttropez is working on her handstand — and looking strong!

@samlspears does dancer's pose, while a buddha admires her form.

@katiecavutord balances beautifully in a downward dog split.

@anacalexandre teaches a family member how to plank. Nice form, ladies!

@katiecavutord1 looks peaceful in a crescent lunge, on a surfboard.

@nettypwety rocks an extended side angle pose with her feet in the sand.

@_andreyoga inverts against a bright mural.

@christina_vysochan looks confident in her crow pose.

@jujjji showed us three of her favorite poses: straddle headstand (upperleft), headstand (upper right), and tree pose (lower right).

If you're just beginning your yoga practice, here are some great stories to help you get started:

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