The Burning Man "Missed Connections" Are Just As Amazing As You'd Expect Them To Be

"You were crying under a crocodile ..."

Craigslist's legendary "Missed Connections" are entertaining to read no matter where you are — whether it's "Hot muscle man in East Village" or "Sexy Electrician from PSEG." But imagine how good they are from the dusty, psychedelic whirlwind that is Burning Man.

Business Insider rounded up some of their favorite posts — and they certainly do not disappoint. The whole piece is worth a read, but here are just a few of our favorite gems.

"Twelve from Burning Man - w4m"

"Looking for Ox from Burning Man - w4m"

"Burning man - m4w"

"Crying under a crocodile at burning man. Mark, aka Fruit Salad , - w4m"

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