18 Things You Need To Know Today (September 18)

1. A 26-year-old model has started New York's first transgender modeling agency.

Trans Models is one of three transgender modeling agencies in the country, founded by Peche Di after she struggled to find work as a transgender model. So far her agency has signed 19 models and done work for global brands including Budweiser. (The Atlantic)

2. One of Iran's best female soccer players, Niloufar Ardalan, won't compete in an upcoming tournament in Malaysia.

Why? Because her husband says so. Iranian law says she needs his permission to travel abroad, and he wants her to be home for their son's first day of school. (Radio Free Europe)

3. The first all-wood high-rise buildings are going up in the United States.

In New York and Portland, two high-rise buildings will be made not from concrete or metal, but a throwback material: good old trees. (Fast Co. Exist)

4. New dating app insists on brand-new selfies to negate "catfishing."

If new Swedish dating app 7heaven has anything to say about it, you'll no longer be able to use that picture from college spring break as your profile image. The app insists your pics be no older than six hours to ensure users actually look like their profiles. (The Cut)

5. The U.S. government is looking to reduce food waste by 50 percent by 2030.

It's an ambitious goal, but a necessary one. Americans currently waste 133 billion pounds of food every year — 31 percent of our overall supply. (NPR)

6. Antibacterial soaps are a wash.

It's official: Antibacterial formulas do not work better than regular soap. (Time)

7. A disturbingly large number of kids in America still eat fast food daily.

About 33 percent of U.S. children and teens eat pizza or other fast food every day, a new government report shows. That's about the same as it was in the 1990s. Ugh. (NYT)

8. The largest green roof in the world sits on top of a dying California mall.

People aren't shopping much at the Vallco Shopping Mall in Silicon Valley, so they're turning it into a green, walkable neighborhood. (Fast Co. Exist)

9. NASA is working on the "space food problem"?!

Yes, this is apparently a real issue. But no worries, they're already thinking about how they can grow fresh fruits and veggies in outer space! (Eater)

10. Air pollution contributes to millions of deaths.

Outdoor air pollution leads to more than 3 million premature deaths each year, and more than two-thirds of them occur in China and India, according to new research. (Time)

11. The six-hour workday is a real thing and it's working in Sweden.

Efficiency is up and turnover is down for nurses working at an elderly care home. (The Guardian)

12. Here's the psychology of why people lie about being a victim.

Steve Rannazzisi lied about being a 9/11 survivor and it's actually more common than you think. (The Washington Post)

13. In France, you can now hire a French grandmother to be your personal chef.

Lou Papé is a new company that rents out retirees with professional culinary experience. (Time)

14. René Redzepi plans to close his famed Noma restaurant and reopen it as an urban farm.

“It makes sense to have your own farm, as a restaurant of this caliber.” His plans are nothing if not ambitious. He will put a greenhouse on the roof. He will dig out the dank old asphalt lot and truck in fresh soil. He wants part of the farm to float. (NYT)

15. Naomi Campbell protests nipple censorship with stunning photo.

It took less than 24 hours for Instagram to freak out about (and take down) a very topless photo of Naomi Campbell. (Details)

16. McDonald's investors want the company to get rid of antibiotics in all meat.

The Congregation of Benedictine Sisters in Boerne, Texas, filed a shareholder proposal today that asks McDonald's to ban all of its meat suppliers from using drugs on animals. (CNN)

17. Headspace meditation app raises $34 million!

Go meditation! (Mobi Health News)

18. Tory Burch enters athleisure.

"'Athleisure' may be a widely loathed term, but it’s also big business. Global sales of activewear hit $41.3 billion in the 12 months ending July 2015, up 17 percent from the previous year, according to market research firm NPD. And while many fashion labels have rushed to introduce their own performance-driven collections, perhaps none has been as greatly anticipated as Tory Sport, designer Tory Burch’s retro-tinged range, offering everything from leggings and lightweight anoraks to tennis skirts and track pants." — Lauren Sherman on Tory Burch's much anticipated entrance into the athleisure category. (BoF)

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