Try This 5-Move, No-Gym Workout

Written by Laura McDonald

I'm a group fitness trainer and my clients love this type of workout because they learn to incorporate simple yet powerful moves into any activity — and you don’t need to go to the gym!

Before you begin, warm up for a few minutes, stretch when needed, stay hydrated, and listen to your body. Take a break anytime you need it, and you can always march or jog in place until you're ready to jump back in. Check with your practitioner before beginning any new exercise routine.

You'll do five moves total, and do each move 10 times — for as many rounds as you can handle. Watch the video and then read the breakdown of the moves below. Enjoy!

1. Side-to-side jumps

Keep your core tight and your knees soft as you jump laterally as far as you can, side to side. You can modify this move by stepping instead of jumping.

2. Burpees

For the more advanced, add a quick push-up once you’ve kicked your feet out behind you and are in a plank position. If you're not quite ready for a full burpee, step back one leg at a time, then forward one leg at a time. Bonus: Jump up and raise those hands!

3. Skater freeze

Starting with feet together, perform a lateral leap with the right leg, land softly, and “freeze” for a few seconds. Alternate from side to side. The modified version is to step instead of jump, and go for the “freeze.”

4. Inchworm

Keeping the knees soft, lean over and place your hands in front of your feet and walk out to a plank/flat-back position. Then, walk them back toward you as you stand up. More advanced: Do a few plank jacks before you walk your hands back in.

5. Jumping jacks

I love the classic jumping jack! It's a great move to raise your heart rate. For a modified version, step one leg at a time out to the side. Once you’ve run through the sequence, take a quick break and bang out a few more rounds for a really effective, yet simple workout.

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