7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 15)

1. A Mediterranean diet with extra olive oil may lower breast cancer risk.

Vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish, and olive oil are the key ingredients in a healthy Mediterranean diet. In addition to fighting heart disease, this eating plan, plus some extra tablespoons of olive oil, is now thought to lower breast cancer risk. (NPR)

2. There's a scientific reason why it feels so good to cuddle.

Hint: both the giver and receiver feel pleasure. (Mic)

3. Famed food writer, Mark Bittman, is leaving the New York Times to join a food startup in LA.

He says he's joining a place that will "make it easier for people to eat more plants" but hasn't yet announced the lucky startup's name. (NYT)

4. This anti-Coke video is brilliant.

Nicaraguan artist Fabio Pantoja got pretty creative here highlighting potential organ damage. (GOOD)

5. One more reason to get good sleep ...

A new study says getting quality sleep is good for heart health. (NPR)

6. The worst-case climate change scenario is pretty bad.

If we burn all remaining fossil fuels, Antartica would melt entirely and raise the sea level 200 feet. That's the conclusion of a leading climate scientist in a study published last week. (Newsweek)

7. Scott Dinsmore, friend of mbg, tragically passed away at age 32 in a freak accident at Mt. Kilimanjaro.

You might know Scott from his TED talk, "How to Find and Do the Work you Love" as it has nearly three million views. We have many mutual friends and though I only met him once, I thought he was a really smart, nice, and engaging guy. He will surely be missed. Leo Babuata from zenhabits has a moving post remembering Scott here.

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