5 Things You Need To Know Today (September 9)

1. Kate Hudson's skin glows thanks to coconut oil.

#CoconutOilSkin is now officially a hashtag. (Instagram)

2. President Obama roughed it with Bear Grylls.

A three-day outdoor adventure in Alaska which included selfies and grilling fish — and a firsthand look at how climate change is affecting the state. (Today) Want to know more about Bear? Start here.

3. Two all-star chefs from LA and NYC are uniting to make some vegetarian magic!

Jessica Koslow, the chef behind LA's incredibly awesome Sqirl will be in the kitchen at Superiority Burger in NYC on Thursday. (Eater)

4. Every weekend should be a three-day weekend.

Studies suggests we'd be healthier, get more sleep, and be nicer. Are you sold? (The Science of Us)

5. Celebrities jump the shark at Burning Man.

"Once frequented by only the most eccentric and daring of people (a week in the desert is no easy feat, and definitely not for the faint of heart), Burning Man has quickly become a mecca for models and actors alike. From Karlie Kloss to Katy Perry, celebs flock to the temporary metropolis of Black Rock City, which exists only during the festival, to indulge in the visual artistry, unique culture, and semi anonymity the event provides. Not to mention the style." — Sarah Lindig (Elle)

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