Wanderlust Miami: Broadcasting Light

Wanderlust Miami commenced less than one week after the catastrophe began unfolding in Japan. We arrived to sunshiney-perfect weather and a conflicted feeling in our hearts. What right did we have to be here in the sun amidst the intense devastation there? We realized we had a chance to collect our consciousness and broadcast as much healing as possible where it's most needed. In every class, we sent love, blessings, warmth, attention, presence and healing to those places across the globe. It was what we could do, and it felt right.

Christy Nones and I have been friends for a decade. She really is SERVING through her work.

Christy Nones

Hallelujah - I got to practice in class. Delightful delicious nutritious and wish I could've taken at least 3 more.

My view from the dock before shavasana.

During Christy's Saturday afternoon meditation, the sun did THIS...

...then the vernal equinox super moon did THIS.

Sunday morning, instead of sitting inside, we did our meditation with Garth Stevenson playing outside.

Smartwater: thank you for the mats and the hydration. Both were very appreciated.

Barbara Verrochi, Kristen Leigh, Schuyler Grant and I team-taught the final class of the festival, and this captures the notably restful shavasana, accompanied by Craig and Rara of Shaman's Dream, who managed to blow my mind and my heart and are already feeling like family.

Farewell to our beloved Bayside dock mascot~

Parting thought. I mentioned this quote during one of my classes and it's ringing in my ears lately. I've been able to soothe myself a few times with this one, and I feel it reaching past me at certain moments, into the folks around me. From Deep Play, by Diane Ackerman, here she was quoting Carl Jung on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.

"[Cultivate] a belief in the totality of your power that is not egotistical at all, but far-ranging, reverent, and majestically creative."

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