6 Phrases To Invite Grace & Gratitude

Written by Angie Sarhan

When we think of change, we usually picture difficult, life-altering moments. Naturally, we begin to associate change with fear and challenge.

But lately I’ve been thinking about how even positive changes — the ones we’ve dreamed about, waited for, and worked for — can cause similar anxiety. Even when we know life is changing in a positive direction, the transition can still induce panic.

Change will happen whether we want it to or not. But we can choose how to handle it.

A little bit of anxiety is natural. But when the angst turns to fear or distress, that’s not healthy. That’s our body’s way of asking us to be mindful, and signaling us to hit our inner reset button.

The truth is, we encounter small changes every day and often handle them without hesitation. We can even juggle several changes at once — we’re that good! When it comes to bigger changes, we need to trust our abilities, sensibilities, and judgments more.

These mantras have helped me stay excited about the positive changes that lay ahead — I hope they can help you too!

1. To release emotions not serving you: “I release my fear about this change.”

2. To help transition into the future smoothly: “I ease into my future with grace and acceptance.”

3. To help alleviate any anxiety: “I trust that all is happening as it should.”

4. To keep faith in your own choices: “I trust my decisions and have faith in where I’m going.”

5. To remain in a positive state: “I choose to let love be a part of this change.”

6. To maintain gratitude: “I flow into my future with a thankful and loving spirit.”

Life is always changing, pushing us beyond our comfortable boundaries, and asking us to adjust and reach for something more. We can choose to move through change with grace.

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