6 Things You Need To Know Today (September 3)

1. Here's what science says about out-of-body experiences.

They are more than just scary hallucinations. They actually shed light on the way our brains construct our sense of self. (WSJ)

2. How "keep calm and carry on" became a global phenomenon.

It dates back to WWII. But then it took a few interesting twists and turns. And now some marketing experts say it's jumped the shark. (Digiday)

3. McDonald's is introducing kale in breakfast wraps in Canada.

It will be kale, eggs, and feta cheese. I'm loving it. (Eater)

4. Your next United flight might be powered by farm waste.

Travelers from Los Angeles to San Francisco will have a lower carbon footprint this fall. Many other flights could soon follow. (Fast Co. Exist)

5. I went to Burning Man and it was even crazier than expected.

"While I had attended many different festivals previously, Burning Man was unlike anything I had ever seen." (Business Insider)

6. Why yoga studios are doing more teacher trainings than ever before.

"Everybody knows, if you need to make money, if you need to keep your studio afloat, you do a teacher training,” - Justin Michael Williams, co-founder with Karen Mozes of the consulting firm Business of Yoga. (WSJ)

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