7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 1)

1. Apparently there are do's and don'ts when it comes to Burning Man fashion.

"Glitter is a no-no. Sequins are frowned upon. Feathers were verboten, though they have still infiltrated in trims and turbans, to gnashing controversy." (NY Times)

2. Garbage islands are a real thing.

Courtesy of NASA, see what's happened to the five trillion pieces of floating plastic we've put in our oceans. (Fast Co. Exist)

3. Monsanto is getting into the vegetable business.

And they are betting on "super broccoli." Ugh. (Quartz)

4. Inside Detroit's one-stop shop for all things metaphysical.

Tarot & Tea is helping to revitalize its neighborhood by offering card readings, astrology readings, and even spiritual cleansing for homes and offices. (Inc.)

5. The Dutch railway hopes to run exclusively on wind power by 2018.

The Netherlands wants its entire electric rail system to run on 100% wind power within three years. And they think they can do it.(Gizmodo)

6. Meet yoga's national champion.

Yes, some people view yoga as a competitive sport. (ESPN)

7. When mindfulness meets the classroom, it's really good.

“I noticed that I could feel [my breath] in my chest. And at that moment, I felt so relieved. The only thing I could think in my mind was, ‘I’m ok.’ And, I don’t know — from that day on, it just didn’t hurt anymore.” — 18-year-old student in the Bronx who has four brothers in jail and was struggling with anger issues until she learned mindfulness. (The Atlantic)

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