Watch American Children Try Lunches From Around The World

Get your weekend started on the right foot — with a much-deserved chuckle.

There are tons of ways to expose children to the many beautiful cultures of the world. You could drag them around a museum or try to teach them a language, but nothing leaves more of an impression than introducing their palates to the diverse tastes of other countries.

In February, video production company Cut made a segment that featured American children testing out traditional breakfasts from different countries, and their reactions were tear-inducingly hilarious.

So, naturally, Cut made a sequel — this time, with lunch. And, breaking the sequel curse, it might actually be better than the original.

Sniffing the udon noodle soup from Japan, one little boy says, "My nose says it wouldn't be so good!" But, fortunately, when he actually tries it, he's quite pleased.

Overall, France is the biggest hit, and India only gets scrunched-up, grossed-out faces. Of course, in true American fashion, the kids' overall favorite item was a 900-calorie cookie from from Afghanistan.

"I am outta here," says the same boy. "Straight to the toilet!"

Screengrab via Cut Video/YouTube

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