7 Things You Need To Know (August 31)

1. L.A.'s cancer mystery: rates higher in some zip codes but falling in others.

Rates are up in Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades but down in the beach cities like Manhattan, Redondo, and Hermosa. (Hollywood Reporter)

2. Birth order may affect your weight.

Last week, we learned how birth order can affect your relationships. Turns out that where you fall in your sibling hierarchy can affect your weight, too. A new study suggests that firstborn are more likely to be overweight. (CBS News)

3. Why does everyone want to become an America Ninja Warrior?

Well, for me it's because of mbg friend Travis Brewer. But apparently gyms are popping up all over the country to help people get fit enough to tackle any obstacle course. (Racked)

4. Meet the couple who saved $40k in two years to travel the world.

The final tally: 26 countries, 78 cities, one year. The final cost: $48,000, which was over their budget by $8,000. (Forbes)

5. School lunches are getting healthier.

The CDC says they're lower in sodium and more likely to have veggies. Baby steps. (NBC News)

6. RIP Wayne Dyer.

The self-help pioneer passed away this weekend at age 75. He will be missed, but not forgotten. (mbg)

7. Mindfulness makes for good business.

“Our research shows that lack of trust is the single largest cause of inefficiency, ineffectiveness and stress in organizations. We want to help them build a culture to create more self-awareness, to interact with people from their team in a place of empathy and compassion.” - Rasanath Das on the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace (WSJ)

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