6 Ways To Tap Into Your Willpower & Reach Your Ideal Weight

Do you think you cannot stick to a diet because you have NO willpower? There is no such thing as having NO willpower. That is impossible. And it’s an untruth that keeps you stuck on the weight-loss roller coaster.

Believing you have NO willpower is like saying you have no muscles. We all have muscles. Some people have bigger, stronger, more defined muscles, and that is by design, not accident. You know they worked hard for them.

As with any muscle, we have the opportunity to improve and increase the power of all of them — the physical and emotional muscles, no matter how weak or solid they are right now. Here is what you can do to locate and increase your rock-hard, unstoppable willpower:

1. Think of your willpower as a muscle.

The more you use that muscle, the stronger it gets. It is no different from your bicep muscles or your quadriceps. The more you exercise them, the more powerful they become. And those muscles can keep on getting stronger, more defined, and more reliable.

2. The more you test your willpower, the stronger it becomes.

The more times you have to push your plate away or say “no” to that second glass of wine, or order the plain green salad instead of the fried calamari, the stronger your willpower becomes. So don’t think of these experiences as negative.

3. Embrace the word "no."

As your willpower muscle strengthens, your confidence will increase, and saying “no” will become less difficult. You’ll start to feel good about the choices you are making and their positive effects.

4. Acknowledge and admire your achievements.

As your improved willpower leads you back into your old favorite clothes, start to smile at the reflection you catch in the mirror. You worked hard for it. SMILE!

5. Do not think about your newfound willpower as confining, strict, or limiting.

It will liberate you. It will help make tough food choices easier. It will put you back in charge of the way you eat and back in charge of your life.

6. Be patient.

Like all well-defined muscles, they do not appear overnight. Improved muscle tone demands continuous dedication and ongoing commitment. The workout may be tough. You might even sweat or curse at times, but the payoff is huge and will bring you closer to your goals, every time.

Trust your ability to develop this powerful muscle while acquiring new skills that will lead you to be in control of your eating and toward the life and body you desire.

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