McDonald's Dumps Chicken Supplier Over Appalling Animal Abuse

Since millennials seem to prefer kale to quarter pounders, McDonald's has been struggling for some time now to stay afloat. In October, the fast-food giant launched a transparency campaign so that they could debunk myths about their food (i.e. "pink slime") and make consumers more comfortable eating their food.

McDonald's pressured its chicken supplier Tyson Foods to stop using human antibiotics (but not all antibiotics) in U.S. chicken production by March 2017.

But after a little bit of progress, Tyson, the biggest chicken producer in the U.S., has dropped the ball — in the most horrifying manner possible. Mercy for Animals, an animal rights group, got ahold of gruesome hidden video footage that appears to show workers at the Tennessee poultry farm clubbing birds to death, reports USA Today.

Unsurprisingly, McDonald's severed ties with this supplier after receiving the video to "reinforce our expectations around animal health and welfare at the farm level."

The video in question (below) shows two workers not only impaling sick birds to death with poles, but also breaking their necks by standing on their heads and pulling on their extremities. Please be warned that this footage is very graphic:

Tyson spokesperson Worth Sparkman said, "[We] don't believe this video accurately depicts the treatment of chickens by the thousands of farmers who supply us."

Let's hope that's true.

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