Not Living Your Life's Purpose? This Could Be Why

You know you have a higher purpose and you have a pretty clear understanding of what it is. But each time you try to move forward, something pulls you back.

I am an Intuitive Life Transformation Strategist, which is just a fancy title that means I have an innate ability to understand why people stay stuck and then create strategies to help them move forward.

I have found that nine times out of 10, the underlying cause for being stuck is the subconscious need for approval. In this article, I’m going to explain why so many of us feel stuck when it comes to making money through our purpose.

First I want to share some common patterns I’ve observed:

Pattern 1: You keep saying you'll take action, but you don't.

You want to take that leap, but can't wrap your head around how it will ever be financially sustainable. You stay in an unfulfilling job.

Pattern 2: You've taken the leap but you can't create financial stability.

You've followed your intuition to follow your purpose, but you aren’t financially stable.

The Need for Approval

Even though both patterns seem different, they're actually very similar. They're both related to the need for approval in relationships.

If you exhibit pattern #1, you probably learned early on that in order to be accepted, you needed to create financial safety for yourself and possibly others.

I see many people struggling to break out of this mold, especially men and women who've been achievers most of their life. For many of them, to follow a purpose that may not be deemed financially "safe enough" (according to the standards of their culture or family) stirs up deep fears of disappointing those close to them. Ironically, many people aren't even aware that they're walking around with these fears.

If you exhibit pattern #2, you most likely absorbed the expectation that in order to get love, you must be the emotional caretaker. This is most common among people who felt responsible for catering to the emotional needs of people in their family when they were young. There is a deep fear that if they make money, they will no longer have the time and energy to care for other people and they will lose their love and acceptance.

You may actually observe both of these patterns in yourself. When I began my purpose-based business, I experienced fear on both sides of the spectrum.

I felt pressure to make money because I so badly wanted approval from my stepfather who was an entrepreneur as well. When the money didn’t coming rolling in, I felt like a failure.

On the other end of the spectrum, I had learned from the women in my family that it was my job was to take care of others emotionally. I was afraid that if I let myself make money, I would be looked down upon for not fulfilling my role as a caretaker. I also worried that other women would feel jealousy toward me if they felt trapped by these expectations as well.

The emotional burdens I carried because of my subconscious need for approval not only hurt my relationships, but they hurt my chances of making money with my purpose. I'd take action and then stop because I felt drained.

When I began to look deeper at my need for approval and did internal work around the fears that were causing this push/pull dynamic, I was finally able to take consistent action and make real progress towards my dreams.

If you're anything like me and have experienced this tension around your purpose, you probably know it’s time to make the changes so you can live the life you always know you were meant to lead.

If that time is now, I invite you to join me for this free webinar, where you will learn how to release the need for approval to create the relationships and life you desire.

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