An Open Letter To Anyone Who Is An Empath

RYT By Alex Amorosi
Alex Amorosi-ERYT is a Yoga Instructor at Revolution Community Yoga in Massachusetts and a Level 3 Reiki Master.

Dear Empath,

No you’re not crazy. You're a highly sensitive person, and that's a good thing. You have a powerful gift, one to treasure and to use for the greater good. You can see the truth of the world with ease and clarity.

Here are some things you've probably noticed about yourself:

1. You have a powerfully accurate BS detector.

You know when something isn’t right. And when you listen to that information, you’re always glad you did. When you don’t listen to that voice inside, you usually look back and wish you'd trusted yourself.

When something feels wrong, your body gets tense and constricted, like a massive feeling of no. You can’t explain it to people and the best you can say is, “I just know something isn’t right.”

2. People often say you’re “too sensitive” or “acting irrationally.”

Over time, however, they see why you know to listen to your intuition. Just as you know when your body is guiding you away from something, you know when it's steering you toward something right for you.

3. You trust what you feel.

You have a keen grasp of the "felt-core," which is the truth of the matter. It's the information you receive from the deep center of an experience. You didn’t always trust your intuition because at one time you listened to others' opinions instead of trusting your senses. But over time, you grew to trust what knew to be true.

4. Crowds can feel challenging.

You love talking to people, you like getting to know them, but crowds and large groups can be draining. As you absorb this massive amount of energetic information, you sometimes get flashes of ideas that don’t make sense. Maybe you quickly think about a situation you were never in.

You realize these are just energetic imprints from the room around you. You realize you’re OK, and taking breaks from the crowd and doing deep breathing helps you stay focused and conserves your energy. (Looking for a simple breathing exercise you can try anywhere? Start here.)

5. You feel the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.

You often get stuck in emotions. Maybe you tried to mitigate the emotional overwhelm with substances, drama, sex, or other addictions. But at some point your body and mind pushed back. Maybe you saw the toll this took on your health. Maybe you realized you had to acknowledge your gifts because not doing so was tearing you apart.

Now you realize there are many people like you, who understand you, and who can guide you. You realize that at some point you need to get a handle on how to manage all the information coming into you, how to sort out your own triggers from what you're absorbing, and how to turn your sense up or down to manage what you take in.

You also realize that skilled teachers teach you about letting go of what isn’t yours, how to not feel so responsible for everyone, and how to use your senses skillfully and in a way that benefits and heals you and everyone around you.



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