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Why Mercury Retrograde Is The Best Time To Feng Shui Your Life

Written by Katie Rogers

Mercury retrograde is a tricky astronomical occasion that happens three to four times a year. It occurs when Mercury passes Earth in its orbit, and appears to stop and move backward in the sky.

This otherworldly phenomenon starts up again today.

Mercury — the planet that rules communication, travel, and electronics — has a strong effect on our Earthly experiences. It often causes travel glitches, scheduling problems, and miscommunications during its weeks in retrograde.

In order to deal with these challenges, it's important that you:

  • Go with the flow
  • Don't force anything
  • Don’t sign any contracts or begin any new projects if you can help it
  • Don’t make any large purchases, especially electronic ones
  • Reflect on your past to set the tone for a better future
  • Deal with things you’ve been avoiding

So what does Mercury retrograde have to do with feng shui? In feng shui, the state of your home is a direct representation of your life. The first step in creating a space that's free-flowing and harmonious is to clear the clutter.

Because Mercury retrograde is a tricky time to move forward, it's the perfect opportunity to start the feng shui process by "going backward" and decluttering.

Not convinced? Here are four more reasons why today is the perfect day to start tidying up your space:

1. Clutter represents everything you’ve been avoiding.

When you deal with your physical stuff, you are dealing with your mental, emotional, and spiritual baggage as well.

2. Decluttering is a way of making peace with the past.

Everything in your home represents something from the past, even if you just bought it one minute ago. When you firmly decide whether something stays or goes, you are sending a message to the Universe that you are decisive about what energies you let into your life, and that you are in control of your destiny.

3. Decluttering is rethinking and reflecting.

According to organization guru Marie Kondo, only items that spark joy deserve a place in your home. Pausing to assess your relationship with the items around you is a subtle but powerful way of examining your current life situation.

4. Decluttering gives you a chance to retreat.

We live in such a go-go-go world, but Mercury retrograde puts a halt to that. If you can slow down long enough to give your home some TLC, you'll see the benefits of it once Mercury goes direct again. Plus, creating a home that serves as your sanctuary will allow you to recharge on a daily basis. Imagine that!

Check out my upcoming Declutter Your Way to Clarity e-course for more information on how to harness this Mercury retrograde.

Looking for more feng shui tips? These resources will help your harness your home's Zen:

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