10 Things You Need To Know Today (August 25)

1. Obesity trend isn't just affecting humans.

It's affecting pets, too. (Vox)

2. Under Armour's new #RuleYourself commercial is awesome.

And it stars Steph Curry, Misty Copeland, and Jordan Spieth. (YouTube)

3. Women are more likely to ask for a divorce.

Women initiate 69% of divorces. But if you're not married to your partner, it's a 50/50 split when it comes to breaking up. (TIME)

4. NASA spending $200k to see if they can turn poop into food.

This one gets filed in the "Why are we spending money on this" department. (Grub Street)

5. Gluten-free is happening in Italy.

"And in a country where the dinner table is at the center of social life, not being able to enjoy gluten is like having a beach allergy in Hawaii." (NPR)

6. Google has a new tool to see how solar panels would benefit your home.

They hope Project Sunroof will help more people to make the switch to renewable energy. (Fast Co. Exist)

7. Another reason to opt for grass-fed organic beef when eating meat.

A study found that a lot of conventional beef on the market contains harmful bacteria. (TIME)

8. You don't have to drink eight glasses of water a day?

This man insists it's a myth. I'm not sold, are you? (TheUpshot)

9. Nike proves that sustainability is good business.

Nike ranks number one on Morgan Stanley's most sustainable clothing and shoe brand index. (Quartz)

10. John Oliver breaks down the injustices of LGBT discrimination.

"While the idea of a gay wedding is increasingly widely accepted, it's worth nothing there are still a number of surprising ways to ruin a gay honeymoon. Discriminating against gay people is surprisingly legal in much of the country. The fact is, in 31 states, people are at risk of being fired, evicted or refused service just because they're gay. So while federal law may guarantee a gay couple's right to get married, it offers exactly zero guarantees about their rights to do the things that follow that." - John Oliver makes the case for stronger LGBT civil rights. (Rolling Stone)

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