More Adorable Animals Than You Can Handle (And Other News Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In The World)

1. This kitten learned to groom himself all wrong, and it's the cutest thing ever.

Forgive me for thinking that needs no further explanation.

2. This incredible husband planted sunflowers to honor his wife, a cancer victim, and sold the seeds to fund cancer research.

Farmer Don Jaquish fulfilled one of his late wife's lifelong dreams by planting 400 acres of sunflowers, and starting Babette's Seeds of Hope, a company devoted to raising money for cancer research, with the money he earned selling the seeds. In life, Babette was known as The Sunflower Lady.

3. In more "furry-things-bathing-news," this orangutan took the laziest bath in history.

Seems like a certain kitten could learn a few things.

4. A Michigan surfer saved two young girls from a deadly riptide.

Zeb Boeskool pulled two girls (one 13, one 14) out of a rip current, after they'd been swimming unsupervised. The 13 year-old wasn't breathing, but is now in stable condition. The 14 year-old has been released from the hospital. If anyone is still stuck on that outdated "surfers are slackers" stereotype, perhaps Zeb's heroism will give you cause to reconsider.

5. 10 pandas born this year in a Chinese protection and research center met their adoring public.

In total, 21 pandas have been born at the center in Ya'an this year. Last week's honorees were all between one week and two months old. Fun fact: Pandas are born pink with white fur, entirely blind, and weighing only a few ounces. It takes about a week for the black patches of fur to start developing.

6. The first women EVER just graduated the Army's insanely difficult Ranger training.

Kristen Griest and Shaye Haver made history by being named the first females to carry the title Ranger, ever. They graduated with 94 male trainees. It's important to note that even though these women completed the training course, they won't be allowed to serve as Rangers because they're women. It's a huge accomplishment, but we've got a long way to go.

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