12 Things You Need To Know Today (August 22)

1. This hashtag will get 500,000 pounds of produce donated to food deserts this year.

Just take a pic of fresh produce and hashtag it #DrinkGoodDoGood and Naked Juice/Wholesome Wave will donate 10 pounds of fresh produce to those who need it. Even Adrian Grenier is doing it. (Food & Wine)

2. Good news for coffee lovers!

Your daily coffee habit could increase your likelihood for colon cancer survival. (NYT)

3. Here's a look at how to save the family farm in the 21st century.

The Cruze family in Tennessee attempts to reshape dairy farming. (Eater)

4. Athleisure denim is a thing.

Diesel is currently selling "jogg jeans" (which offer "the stretch of jersey and the look of denim," according to their website) while Uniqlo is advertising denim yoga pants. (The Guardian)

5. Ever wondered how Whole Foods Market grew beyond hippies?

Co-founder John Mackey shares his thoughts on running a business. (Fortune)

6. Land's End is going younger and cooler.

And embracing fitness. (BoF)

7. People are eating way more chicken.

Today, chicken accounts for half of all meat intake in the US and UK. Globally, chicken is expected to become the world's most popular meat by 2020. (The Guardian)

8. Breastfeeding: good for mama's heart?

A new study finds that women who breastfed their babies had a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease later in life. (NYT)

9. Coca-Cola wants to do better.

Especially with regards to health and transparency. Investing in Suja is a good start. (WSJ)

10. It's official: fitness boxing is the new "it" workout.

New ClassPass data suggests boxing is booming. (Cassandra Daily)

11. Here are nine food-related companies changing the world.

Some of them may pleasantly surprise you. (Eater)

12. A step backward for the body positive movement?

An online community calling itself Operation Harpoon has taken it upon themselves to Photoshop plus-sized models and celebrities (Melissa McCarthy, Tess Holiday, Meghan Trainor) to appear "thinner." While the group claims its goal is to show "how beautiful they could look if they put just a little bit of effort into their bodies," the practice is undoubtedly despicable. (Tech Insider)

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