7 Things You Need To Know Today (August 21)

1. The Cleveland Clinic gave the boot to McDonald's.

We applaud hospitals ditching fast food and suspect that our friend Dr. Mark Hyman, who is the Director of The Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, might have had a hand in this. (CBS News)

2. Ralph Lauren is getting into fitness tracking/athleisure.

Their new 'smartshirt' hits the market on August 27th for $295 and comes with a health-tracking app. (Fashionista)

3. Study says long work hours are connected to heart disease and strokes.

55 hours a week looks to be the threshold you don't want to cross. But what if you love what you do? (Quartz)

4. Smart school architecture can help kids eat healthier.

Architecture is a new weapon schools can use to fight junk food. (Fast Co. Exist)

5. Scientists discover how obesity gene works.

The gene glitch doesn't explain all obesity though. Yes, food and exercise still matter. (Yahoo!)

6. H&M's new denim line is made from recycled clothes.

Yes, literally the new line is made from taking old H&M clothes and turning them into denim. (Racked)

7. Early stage breast condition might not require cancer treatment.

"As many as 60,000 American women each year are told they have a very early stage of breast cancer — Stage 0, as it is commonly known — a possible precursor to what could be a deadly tumor. And almost every one of the women has either a lumpectomy or a mastectomy, and often a double mastectomy, removing a healthy breast as well.Yet it now appears that treatment may make no difference in their outcomes." - Gina Kolata on the new breast cancer findings. (NYT)

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