I’m A Personal Trainer: Here’s How I Got In Shape For My Wedding Day

Written by Anja Garcia

I was never the girl who dreamed about my wedding, or had all the details planned. In fact, a few days after we got engaged, someone asked me, “What are your colors?” and I looked at my then fiancé, clueless.

The one thing I did know about was how to get in top shape for the biggest day of my life. As a full-time nurse and fitness trainer, my life revolves around health. But knowing that this event would be immortalized in photos, I wanted to make sure that I looked, and more importantly felt my best!

I’ve trained so many people who were preparing for their own weddings, and now it was my time to kick my own butt. Here’s how I did it:

1. I kept my fitness schedule consistent, but turned it up a notch.

I worked out six days a week, which may seem like a lot to some people, but it helped me get into a routine — and stick with it! Fitness is fun for me — I love feeling the sweat and burn, so working out six days a week didn't feel like a chore. A typical week for me included cycling classes, sculpting classes, HIIT training and running. I made sure to switch things up to continue to challenge my body.

2. I stopped eating sweets two months before my wedding.

This was tough for me because I love dessert, and usually allow myself indulgences here and there. But for my wedding, I wanted to make sure all of my hard work at the gym really showed. So I stopped eating sweets. I wasn’t crazy about it and I occasionally had a cheat day, but setting boundaries for a short period of time gave me the motivation to stick to the rule!

3. I increased my water intake to three liters a day.

Nature’s most incredible drink, water, is a great way to help fight bloat and flush out all those toxins. Plus, you start to feel really incredible when you fuel your body well!

4. I was realistic about my goals.

Something I’ve learned through my journey is that health is all encompassing, from the physical aspect, and more importantly the mental. Having something to train for helped me focus and commit, but I didn’t set a crazy weight-loss goal for myself. I simply wanted to tone and look my best, which meant cutting out some indulgences for a couple of months.

A wedding is a great reason to get fit and healthy, but really ANY day is a good day to decide you are going to be the best, healthiest, happiest you. My health journey is something that continued the day after my wedding and beyond. Like I always tell my clients, you don’t need to wait for Monday, or a marriage proposal for that matter. Today seems like a beautiful day to feel beautiful!

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