The #1 Trait To Look For In A Partner

The more we discover and know what kind of traits we want in a partner, the more those traits will appear. It's like when you buy a white Prius and suddenly you can't believe how many white Priuses are on the road. It's because you weren't looking for white Priuses before. So maybe it's time to not only start looking but focusing on the traits you desire.

There are so many traits we seek in a partner, it may feel impossible to boil it down to just one. But if I had to pick, this would be it. It's a trait that houses so many crucial elements involved in building a lasting relationship.

In this two minute video, I'll tell you the trait and you'll understand why it's so important. I hope you keep it in your mind as you start to seek the partner that's perfect for you.

And if you want to learn more about how to spot the one and build an awesome, meaningful relationship, check out my new eCourse How To Spot The One & Create Lasting Love.

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