Why “Fitspo” Is Destroying Your Confidence

Every day, we see "fake" people in ads, #fitspo posts and fashion magazines. As a society, we've become accustomed to consuming false images in mass quantity. We no longer have a grasp on reality when it comes to our own humanity and expectations.

Social media makes it worse — photos can easily be altered and edited, but still tagged with #nofilter. We wind up looking down on ourselves for not living up to this virtually impossible goal. So, what's a girl to do? Reclaim her confidence, and here’s how:

Looking at these images can be inspiring for the wrong reasons. You create a "false" idol to worship.

1. Unfollow and unplug.

Go through your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts while asking yourself this question: Do they inspire me to love and better myself? If you feel worse about your body after viewing that person’s posts, simply unfollow.

Looking at these images can be inspiring for the wrong reasons. You create a "false" idol to worship and to work obsessively to become. They are nothing but a new, unattainable “ideal.”

2. Find your inspiration, not fitspiration.

Why do you eat healthy, go to the gym, enjoy walks with your dog and find joy in slowing down through meditation and yoga? You love the way it makes you feel.

In the moment of the action, you simply enjoy it. Not for the external results, but for the internal bliss and satisfaction it brings. That's your inspiration, not some goal that makes you feel defeated and worthless for not reaching. Find your bliss and follow it.

3. Look in the mirror.

Embrace a mirror mantra. Use a sticky note and leave yourself an inspirational quote or words of encouragement. After your shower or while putting on your makeup, repeat the encouraging words to yourself. For example: ''I am beautiful. Yep, EVERY awesome part of me!''

Mix up your messages every few days to enjoy fresh inspiration. Remember, you define you. It is what you truly believe about yourself that dictates your worth, confidence and strength. Look within, because the more we look outside ourselves the emptier we become.

Knowing your value is a message we can all get behind, the kind that lifts you up, inspire you to greatness, encourages you to love yourself and helps you continue to grow.

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