Why Los Angeles Dumped Millions Of Black Plastic Balls Into Reservoir

I believe Tina Turner has the perfect song for this occasion.

No, this isn't part of some type of massive, Christo- and Jeanne-Claude-esque installation. These so-called "shade balls" are supposed to help preserve the city's scarce water supply.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, not only will they prevent about 300 million gallons of water from evaporating each year — essential during such a devastating drought — they will also prevent the reservoir’s water from evaporation and pollution by wildlife and eve stop toxic chemical reactions caused by the sun from contaminating the water.

Plus, this method is $250 million cheaper than another process that was considered.

The video below was released in June, but the procedure wasn't complete until Monday, when L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and other officials released the last 20,000 shade balls into the reservoir. It's quite a sight:

Screengrab via LasVirgenesMWD/YouTube

(h/t TIME)

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