Why Your Skin's Best Friend Is Mother Nature

Written by Amy Beckwith

The skin care industry is crowded with hype, hope and hordes of consumers constantly on the prowl for the next miracle product. As major conventional brands have discovered, it’s not hard to sell the pseudoscience of skincare if you have great marketing, packaging, overpricing (to promote perceived value) and a beautiful complexion to "demonstrate" a product's efficiency in ads. But even with all that fluff, we know there’s true, lasting value in taking care of your skin.

Working for a natural skincare company, I hear story after story from our customers about how the simplicity and efficacy of our products has benefited their skin.

We can optimize skin health through topicals and diet, and many of us are waking up to the fact that what you put on your skin goes directly into your bloodstream. Which means that whatever you choose to put on your skin, natural or otherwise, will eventually find it's way into your body ... for better or for worse.

I admit it’s difficult to know what good skincare really means and how much is possible from the outside in. And while everyone is different and no doubt has a unique combination of green products that works best for him or her, there are a few absolutes. A few things that are for sure? The best ingredients to clean and protect your skin are those found in nature, and a healthy pH level is crucial for everyone.

So, why is mother nature your best friend when it comes to your best skin?

Activated charcoal and blue-green algae, ingredients our long-ago, far-away ancestors used before the “miracle” of fancy packaging and glossy ads ever existed are still two of the best around.

Common charcoal is the material that results from burning a variety of substances, including wood and coconut shells. Activated charcoal results from heating charcoal in order for it to develop internal spaces which can then trap toxins. Widely available in gel caps for internal detoxification, when formulated as a topical cleanser, activated charcoal performs catalytically — decongesting and clearing the skin of pollutants — as well as facilitating the cell turnover which is necessary for glowing, healthy skin.

Used on your skin, activated charcoal performs the same kind of catalytic function: It decongests and clears the skin of toxins, facilitating cell turnover which is necessary for glowing, healthy skin.

In the ocean, seaweed absorbs the sun’s nutrients and its photosynthesis plays a huge role in regulating carbon dioxide levels and the production of oxygen. When it comes to your skin, distilled seaweed delivers iodine-rich minerals and antioxidants that maintains the skin’s optimum acidic/alkaline balance. Keeping the skin at a healthy pH not only prevents bacteria from invading, it optimizes skin's natural function, maintaining hydration and preventing sensitivity as well as a whole host of undesirable skin issues from occurring

In an arena crowded with confusion and contradiction, it’s a certainty that your body intuitively understands and can utilize ingredients that closely mimic what we ourselves are made of: carbon and water. As basic and complex as life itself, it’s a simple truth that sometimes the simplest of ingredients will have the greatest impact.

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