FDA Slams Kim Kardashian's Instagram Drug Endorsement

Since the rise of social media, the advertising landscape has changed drastically. We see sponsored posts on every platform, to the point that we may barely even notice.

Fortunately, the Food and Drug Administration is trying to keep an eye on things. Pregnant reality show megastar Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram raving about a morning sickness drug (namely Diclegis), and the federal agency didn't exactly like it.

Yes, that actually happened, and the FDA decided it warranted an official warning letter to Duchesnay, the drug's manufacturer. They argue that, with over 42 million followers, Kardashian has a lot of influence, so it's irresponsible of her to only sing the praises of this drug without mentioning the risks.

The post has since been deleted — but not before Forbes could take a screenshot:

The FDA drew up a letter yesterday asking the company stop "misbranding" the drug or take it off the market, and demanded they get Kardashian to repost her endorsement with the proper warnings to remedy the situation.

Whether this happens or not, it seems like a win-win situation for Diclegis. Any publicity is good publicity. Had you ever heard of the drug before? Exactly.

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