4 Things To Expect When Making The Switch To Clean Beauty

You eat well, squeeze weekly workouts into your busy schedule and consider Friday a gateway to your well-balanced weekend. You're doing all the "right things" for your health, but can you say the same for a healthy beauty routine?

As the founder of an online marketplace for clean beauty products, and experience as a beauty copywriter and editor, I understand the questions running through your head when considering a switch to clean beauty: “Why? Where do I start? What can I expect?"

Here’s the truth.

Quality, clean beauty is a science. One that’s married with modern expectations and some industry values. The best natural beauty products blend morality, nature and science for an effective — and healthful — product.

While it can be difficult to let go of conventional brands or products we’ve used for years, it’s critical to chose expertly-crafted green, toxin-free products. We’re learning how important it is to stay away from certain ingredients because research is showing us that these things have long-term effects to our health, and we need to take action.

Similar to getting used to eating healthier, switching to green beauty products is a matter of changing your outlook and playing with your taste buds. Get acclimated and get clear on what to expect. You won’t look back.

So, where should you start? First know that mini steps are actually huge wins and this process can take time. If you’re starting from scratch, look first at what’s closest to your skin and what can be ingested through the mouth (cleansers, lotions, deodorant, lip products, etc.). Once you’ve conquered that, move onto items like makeup, hair treatments and beauty extras.

What’s next? Here are four things to expect after making the switch to clean beauty.

1. It will take time.

As with any new formulation you try, your skin will change and react when trying new products, conventional or clean. You can help this process with simple practices like using lukewarm water, avoiding chemicals and choosing products rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Regardless, any dramatic adjustments in your skin care will take time. Stick with any changes you make for a few weeks to better gauge your end results, as it can be a very worthwhile shift.

2. You might break out at first.

When you start using clean products, your skin will release long-stored toxins through your pores, which can often cause pimples. While acne isn't fun or something anyone actively seeks out, it's usually a sign the green products are doing their job and you'll experience true, healthy skin on the other side.

3. Your skin will get healthier.

Due to the lack of chemicals inside clean, green beauty products, your skin will react with a certain liveliness and glow because many are biologically active ingredients or antioxidant rich. Don't mistake this natural glow for shininess or excess oil! It's a good thing, I promise.

4. Expect to try a few (or a lot!) of new products before finding the ones you need.

Just like conventional beauty, you’ll have your holy grails right alongside your no-thank-you products. Not every product is going to work for your skin, and that's OK. Don't change your expectations with the first product you try, but do embrace an open-minded outlook on a well rounded and healthy routine. This transition is a huge step in the right direction to achieving your well balanced lifestyle.

Discover what works for your unique blueprint, play around and know that there’s more to stay away from than just parabens and synthetics. Do your homework and find brands you trust. Create a clean game plan for making the switch and enhancing your current beauty routine to be free of harsh ingredients.

Most importantly, have fun with clean beauty! It’s here to help you be healthy, fresh faced and confidently you.

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