8 Kundalini Concepts That Are Essential For Your Spiritual & Personal Growth

Written by Amber Edwards

In Indian philosophy, Kundalini is an energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine, and when awakened, rises up the spine to open the seven chakras (energy centers) in the body. These are often blocked from past experiences that we never recovered from.

And when these energy centers remain blocked, our life-force energy becomes stagnant, causing illness in the body from chronic pain to disease. After a year on my personal spiritual healing journey, I find these eight Kundalini concepts essential to transformation:

1. Face your fears.

Anxiety is suppressed fear, and fear is a form of attachment that distances us from the connection with our true selves. Like that of looking at the world behind a sheet of glass, one simply observes without the very act of participating. This keeps us at a "safe" distance from our reality.

But it is not until we let go of attachment that transformation can really begin. It takes real courage to let go of attachment, and it takes patience with ourselves to continue living without the attachment.

2. Establish your soul purpose.

The gift of a personal calling is possible by being in tune to the vibrations of the universe. Be receptive to the signs from the divine that are sent your way.

When your mind is quiet, you're more susceptible to receiving these signs. You can light a candle and watch the movement of the flame for a few moments of meditation in stillness. Allow thoughts and feelings to arise, while focusing on the flame for clarity. The element of fire helps us focus on what it is we value, while eliminating nonproductive energy we may accumulate over time. Journaling is also an effective way to make sense of the thoughts and feelings that arise during meditation, and consistency is key when connecting to the divine source.

3. Reclaim your right to be here.

After establishing your soul purpose, your personal right to to be here on this planet will begin to hold divine qualities. Be proactive and create the life you've always envisioned yourself to have. If you feel in your entire being that you are on your purposeful path, then the universe will support you along the way.

4. Set boundaries.

Raise your standards and do what is good for you. You have the right to set boundaries from situations and people that are not in your best interest. With a focus on your soul purpose and a vision for creating the life you want, reclaiming your right to set boundaries will not come not as selfish, but rather, self-full.

5. Get to know your shadow self.

Be aware of aversions that you have toward a specific person or situation. Usually an aversion toward someone or something is the very quality we dislike in ourselves, and we subconsciously push it aside.

But if we bring that part of our personality to surface, we'll have greater awareness of what was once suppressed. This will lessen any destructive power, allowing opportunity for growth. As we understand and accept the shadow self, the energy once used for suppressing it will release tension that was once held in the body.

6. Allow others in.

If we find ourselves closed off from the world, it is not uncommon to also close our emotions off from others as a protective shield. And while we think we are protecting ourselves from discomfort, the disconnection from others and isolation from the world is actually causing more harm than good.

When we engage with others, we allow ourselves to open up and reciprocate feelings of compassion, allowing our vital life force to move up and out releasing blocks within the body. Accept gifts from others and experience the feeling of gratitude for the offering. Remove the armor and open your heart to the divine human connection with others.

7. Find your power.

Personal power derives from self-knowledge and living out our truths. It is about stepping outside our comfort zones for continual growth, and having the courage to be our unique selves, while still strengthening and building upon what it means to be individuals.

8. Get used to hearing your own voice.

For those of us that have closed ourselves off from the world, our authentic voice has also been closed off. A common sign of a blocked Throat Chakra is neck and shoulder tension. This tension is a sign from the universe telling us to share our profound truths with others, whether it is through speaking, writing, singing, or other expressive forms.

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