3 Renowned Yoga Teachers On Why They're Wearing White For Yoga

Editor's note: On September 2, 2015 in NYC, Central Park's Great Lawn will be adorned by 10,000 yogis dressed in white. The Lolë White Tour is a free yoga event open to the public, with a inspiring class led by three of the yoga world's most remarkable teachers and mindbodygreen contributors: Elena Brower, Colleen Saidman Yee and her husband, Rodney Yee. Musical performances by Ingrid Michaelson and Donna De Lory will follow, and you even get to keep your mat. Below are these teachers' thoughts on the power of promoting peace by wearing all white and practicing with thousands of yogis.

Elena Brower:

When we gather to practice yoga and meditation en masse, a palpable energy is shared. It's the vibration of intention to heal, the resonance of love, and the sensation of being amongst community.

When I led practice at Burning Man last year, or at the Old Port in Montreal, and even the Eiffel Tower earlier this summer, there was this magnificence of sharing space, movement and energy on a grand scale — a force that is truly felt by all.

Together we are far more potent and powerful.

We're part of an intentional gathering of minds and hearts dedicated in practice together, and the symbolism of wearing all white only adds to the sweetness. It's a way to bring us together in peace and purity, and with potency — to engage with an ancient primordial call to be together, to rise together, to get strong together, to rest together, and to listen together.

It is our continued studentship that makes us stellar teachers. When we are studying, reading, practicing or writing, we teach from a place of experience, understanding and care. As peers, when we teach together, we ramp up our studentship to new heights. Our collaborators are our teachers, too, and I am honored to share the stage on the Great Lawn with two of the best teachers with whom I've ever studied.

Whenever I teach with respected friends like Colleen and Rodney, I learn new ways of articulating ancient truths in real time. When we reference and reiterate each others' points during our classes together, we all gain new insight into what's been shared. And if I'm feeling afraid or unworthy, I practice holding space for my peers to shine, which makes us all the more luminous.

If you have not yet already done so, collaboratively teach or attend a benefit for your favorite organization, retreat, or class. Collaborations and collectives such as Rock Your Bliss, Yoga For Bad People, Boys of Yoga and The Wandering Yogis lead by example; together we advance, enhance, embolden and encourage one another.

Together we are far more potent and powerful.

Colleen Saidman Yee & Rodney Yee:

The Beatles said it best: “Come together right now.” This is exactly what practicing with thousands of yogis feels like. It is time to come together in peace. This is demonstrated by the wearing of white as a surrender of personal armor, and forming a sea of bodies breathing and moving together, as the brothers and sisters of this planet that we are.

We have become so isolated, and in that isolation, we crave connection. What a better way to connect than body-to-body in nature, dancing peacefully in unity. I am thrilled to be one of the guides of this inspiring movement.

For more information on attending a LOLË White Tour event near you, visit LOLEwomen.com.

Photo courtesy of LOLË Women

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