Soda Company Supports Research That Shifts Blame For Obesity Away From Diet

Soft-drink supergiant Coca-Cola has teamed up with influential scientists to form a new nonprofit organization called Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN), which promotes the philosophy that exercise is more important than diet when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, reports The New York Times.

Many health experts say that it's a blatant attempt for Coke to divert criticism about the role sugary drinks play in obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

More and more information about the negative effects of sugary drinks has become available recently. The country has been listening, too; consumption of full-calorie sodas by the average American has dropped by 25% in the past two decades.

So, obviously, Coca-Cola is going to want to figure out a way to get sugary drinks out of the hot seat. And they're willing to pay $1.5 million to start GEBN, an organization that'll help them do that.

Exercise is certainly essential for our health — no one is disputing that — but the agenda here is crystal clear: get trusted scientists to downplay the importance of what we put in our bodies.

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