8 Things You Need To Know Today (August 8)

1. NASA is now growing lettuce in space (what I like to call "space to table").

Astronauts are growing it in a small grow chamber (basically a mini-greenhouse). Soon, we will have space kale! (Grub Street)

2. Happy kids get good grades.

Grit, perseverance, and happiness might be the perfect mix of success for kids. (TIME)

3. Vladimir Putin has banned food imports from the west.

Including French cheese, Greek yogurt and Italian Prosciutto. (ABC)

4. Refined carbs can make women depressed.

A study suggests that this is especially true with older women. (CTV News)

5. More than one in five millennials support their parents.

A new study by TD Ameritrade says that 22% of millennials provide some sort of financial assistance. (Yahoo!)

6. In food recall news ...

You might want to avoid cilantro and certain brands of macadamia nuts, apple hard cider, and whey products. (TIME)

7. Three states have defunded Planned Parenthood, while 13 are considering it.

Investigations into the company's compliance with federal regulations are increasing in number and intensity. We here at MBG support women's rights. (CNN)

8. Sexism in Hollywood is very real.

"I've had people like, you know, on Twitter, like, 'Well, how can you bring up sexism if you wear this?' Because I f*cking can." (Broadly) - Rose McGowan talks about the sexism she endured as a young woman in Hollywood.

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