Could Being Introverted Also Mean You're Secretly A Narcissist?

Written by Emi Boscamp

How many times have you come across the listicle like "13 Signs You're An Introvert," or some iteration of it?

It seems that introverts love talking about being introverted and being reassured that they are, in fact, introverts. You could say it's a bit narcissistic. Think about it: those who love to get lost in their thoughts all the time are naturally going to spend a lot of time thinking about themselves.

And it's OK to think about yourself — we all do! But at what point does self-reflection cross into the murky waters of narcissism?

As New York Magazine explains, introversion has quite a lot in common with a psychological characteristic called "covert narcissism," which has "all the entitlement and grandiosity most people associate with narcissism, minus the bluster."

Picture someone you know who is constantly complaining about how everything great about him gets overlooked and doesn't want to hear about your problems because you get more attention than he does. That's the covert narcissist.

So, if you identify as an introvert, see if you can relate to some of the items on a scale designed by psychologist Jonathan Cheek to measure covert narcissism:

  • I feel emotionally or temperamentally different from most people.
  • I feel like I have enough of my own problems and don’t have time to worry about everyone else’s issues.
  • I easily get wrapped up in my own interests, to the point that I practically forget that the people around me even exist.

If you're intrigued, you can find the entire quiz here and find out whether narcissism has, in fact, secretly slipped its way into your personality.

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