Watch Kristen Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg Mock Sexist Film Interviews

Women in Hollywood are hardly ever asked challenging, hard-hitting questions in interviews. Instead, they're asked about their personal lives and their appearance — who made their dress, why they cut their hair, or how much weight they had lost. This is the exact issue that sparked the #AskHerMore campaign, which encourages reporters to ask women questions they deserve, that require their intellect.

So, on the heels of the infamous, painfully awkward Cara Delevingne interview in which she was asked condescending questions, Kristen Stewart and her American Ultra co-star Jesse Eisenberg made a Funny or Die skit parodying the seemingly ubiquitous sexist press interview.

Here, the two stars decide to interview each other, but then — oh no! — the cards get "mixed up" and the questions intended for Stewart are directed to Eisenberg, and vice versa.

Eisenberg becomes increasingly frustrated as Stewart asks him about what designers he likes, whether or not he's seeing someone, and if he's had any work done.

"This is really, like, not appropriate to ask me," Eisenberg says, frazzled, adding that the questions have nothing to do with the movie they're promoting.

"I get these questions a lot," Stewart retorts.

Watch the entire skit below and have yourself a good laugh. It's Friday. You deserve it.

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