A Wallaby Adopted A Teddy Bear (And Other News Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In The World)

1. In what may be the cutest sentence ever written, orphaned Doodlebug, a darling wallaby, adopted a teddy bear.

The photo, taken by a wildlife-carer, shows the wallaby embracing his cuddly critter. A reminder of the value of hugs, for everyone. GO GET ONE! (Either a hug or a teddy bear — maybe both.)

2. This Turkish couple fed 4,000 refugees on their wedding day.

Rather than spend the money they'd saved for their wedding on a party for themselves, Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat used it to feed 4,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey. But, they did still dress up.

3. This amazing dad got a tattoo of a cochlear implant to match his six year old daughter's.

Alistair Campbell's wife and daughter both have cochlear implants. His son wears a hearing aid. When six year-old Charlotte was getting her second implant, Alistair decided to get one tattooed on his head to support her. If that isn't sweet enough, there's a community of dads doing this to support their kids. Just another reminder that nothing can compare to a parent's love. BRB, I have to call my parents.

4. Distance swimming phenom Katie Ledecky wowed the swimming world at this week's World Championships in Russia.

Not only did she beat her own world records — She showed that one woman can dominate in distances as short as the 200 and as long as the 1500 meters. That's the running equivalent of a marathon and a sprint, run with 25 minutes between 'em to rest. Watch out, Phelpsie.

5. A puppy saved a beached baby dolphin from death. (Yes, you read that right.)

A dog named Leia noticed a baby dolphin struggling on the shore of Criccieth Beach in Wales. The heroic pup got her owner's attention and the two of them helped the dolphin (now named Buddy) back into deeper waters.

Photo courtesy of Tim Beshara

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