9 Things You Need To Know Today (August 7)

1. Spacing out is good for you.

Yes, zoning out is good for your mental health. (The Science of Us)

2. Some iconic fitness logos look pretty cool when infused with a bit of nature.

Nike, adidas, and Fila are transformed into beautiful gardens. (Fast Company)

3. Bring on those plant-rich carbs!

A new study suggests our brains need carbs, specifically the plant kind. (Science Daily)

4. You should always sleep on your problems.

Science now backs this theory up. (Inc.)

5. Organic Avenue has new owners.

Hopefully new management can turn NYC's juice chain around. (Racked)

6. Drinking too much Red Bull is pretty terrible for you.

A woman in the UK was drinking 28 cans a day and was going blind. Wow. (Telegraph)

7. Adidas launches new line for teens.

It's called adigirl, and is geared toward athletes. (Forbes)

8. Massive plants can make for a stylish store!

A peek inside Brother Vellies' eco-stylist store and creative director Aurora James. (Racked)

9. Elle MacPherson has some great thoughts on wellness.

"I believe people are really starting to focus on inner body wellness—beauty from the inside out, eating in cleaner, more nourishing ways, and being knowledgeable about what they put into their bodies and how this effects the way they feel and look." - Elle MacPherson on the next big fitness trend. (StyleCaster)

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