The 10 States That Pollute The Air The Most

It's should come as no surprise that a whiff of good old New York City air is dirtier than the stuff you'll breathe in on the Vermont mountaintops.

But just how much more polluted is it really?

A new graphic by the World Resources Institute (WRI) gives us an idea. It presents each state as a slice of the country's air pollution pie, making it easy to spot the more egregious offenders.

The 10 states with the highest greenhouse gas levels account for nearly half of all America's emissions, while the bottom 10 add up to just about 3%.

WRI breaks down the data further to show which sectors are responsible for the most pollution. The results vary from state to state, but electric power is the largest source of emissions nationwide, followed by transportation and industry.

Though we may be the US of A, we're clearly not as united on pollution prevention. Obama's Clean Power Plan, released earlier this week, set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, but left it up to individual states to decide how to achieve them.

How much cleanup does your state have to do? Check out the states with the highest and lowest emmissions levels here:

Highest emissions:

1. Texas

2. California

3. Pennsylvania

4. Florida

5. Illinois

6. Ohio

7. Indiana

8. Louisiana

9. New York

10. Michigan

Lowest emissions:

1. Vermont

2. Rhode Island

3. New Hampshire

4. Delaware

5. Maine

6. Hawaii

7. Idaho

8. South Dakota

9. Connecticut

10. Nevada

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