3 Ways Working Out Can Improve Men's Sex Lives

As a personal trainer, I've spent much of my life helping men who want to improve their athletic performance — and enhance their sex lives. I always say, your workout is the best way to cultivate the tools you need to improve your sex life. I have found that the three top things any man can add to his workout to increase his and her sexual satisfaction are:

1. Train like a warrior.

A woman wants a man who can handle his business, in more ways than one. This doesn’t mean you need to be a football player or mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to score points, it just means that training like one has its benefits.

Option 1: Train in combative or contact sports regularly: MMA, boxing, football, rugby, etc. Even if you’re just going through the motions in a practice or training setting, it’s enough to bring out your inner warrior.

Option 2: You can achieve a similar effect by using cardio intervals that mimic a boxing match or MMA fight. Run full out at 80 percent of your maximum effort for three minutes and walk for one minute, for three to 12 rounds; or you can run at 80 percent of your max for five minutes and walk for one minute, for three to five rounds.

Condition your body as if you were training to fight. It will awaken something powerful within you, both hormonally and spiritually.

2. Train for power and stamina.

Lifting heavy weights has proven to increase natural testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) levels. Adding some of the foundational powerlifting movements into your routine will not only increase your testosterone and HGH levels naturally, it will also let you feel the fullness of your masculine prowess.

People gravitate towards men who fully embody their masculinity. Sometimes guys just have it, naturally. While other guys, like me, need something to help them access that powerful, grounded, confident place. The more confident you are, the better your sex life will become. When you feel physically grounded, you also feel present.

Training heavy and powerlifting will help settle your nerves and ground your body, even after a single workout. When you feel anxious and in your head, lift heavy. You can introduce this style of training to your routine anywhere from one to three days per week. Movements like squats, deadlifts, power clean and push press are excellent starting points.

Use weights that are appropriate for your body and fitness level, lift smart and always use a spotter. Don’t push more weight than your joints can handle. Build yourself up slowly over time. There’s no rush. You will get the benefits from these exercises even at entry-level weight.

3. Train your heart.

For your body to act as one solid unit, you have to focus on your mind, body and soul. You need to establish a connection with your heart and your body. Here are two ways to do that:

Option 1: Yoga is a perfect starting point, it will give you a deeper relationship with your body and heart. There is something to be said about conscious movement, and moving in ways that open the body and release tension. Yoga is a perfect complement to balance out all of the ballistic and power-style training. True balance between the two is mastery — and mastery of anything makes us feel sexier.

Option 2: Meditation helps you access your heart and deepest purpose in life. The practice is to sit or lay without moving and wait for inspiration to physically move you into what you feel you must achieve in life.

When you have the spirit, the power and the heart to walk your path with unwavering conviction, you'll feel more attractive, able to perform better and enjoy your sex life more.

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