College Basketball's March Madness = Chakra Energy

When I think of college basketball's March Madness, I think of endless hours of great games, office pools galore, and cheers and jeers from people you'd least suspect it from -- but chakras? Yes, that's right. Chakras.

When asked about the excitement of March Madness, famous college basketball announcer, Gus Williams, used a word that is definitely not in college basketball lexicon -- chakras. He says:
"Sometimes when the games are good and they're coming down to the wire, my heart starts beating, and I got energy that comes all the way out of my chakras in my feet all the way up to the chakra at the top of my head!"
Go Gus!

Here's the video of Gus talking college basketball and at about 3:53 in he gets all excited about chakras:

image via flickr/kylures
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