3 Ways I Bounce Back After A Weekend Of Mindless Eating

Written by Mandy Levy

We all work so hard to be well, healthy and confident. That tireless effort is a serious investment of blood sweat and tears — often times quite literally. When we blow it over one bad weekend—two measly days out of weeks, maybe months, of being awesome — it’s enough for us to call it quits.

That’s ridiculous. We’re humans, we have lives, and we are allowed to enjoy them every once in a while. But in the quest for wellness, balance and fulfillment, remember that success is a state of mind and happiness is a choice. Here’s how I get back on track after a gluttonous weekend:

1. I take a selfie in my disappointed state.

Want to remember how disappointed you are in yourself and how urgently you must get back on track? Take a picture. Strip down to your skivvies and get out that selfie stick (no high-angle cheating for this pic, people).

A photograph tells you more than the mirror, more than the scale, more than your mother. Next week when you take another selfie, you’ll be feeling back to your old self, and you can compare the photos.

2. I go on a cleanse.

For three days following a cheat weekend, I replace breakfast and lunch with green juice and munch on spinach with grilled chicken for dinner. No caffeine, no booze, no gluten, dairy or sugar. I feel lighter, leaner, alert, re-energized and ready to get back on that healthy horse.

3. I step on the scale.

I just get it over with. I step on the scale, unclench my fists, open my eyes, breathe and look at a stupid number. It’s the best way to snap your mindset back to reality. So what if you gained 10 pounds two weeks? That’s mostly just Riesling bloat and brie that hasn’t found its way out yet. Work hard for three days and the bulk of that gain will have dissipated. But see your number, know your number, and calmly begin your journey in the opposite direction.

We’re all striving for balance, but when things get a little off-kilter, don’t sweat. Just remember that in the end, our health and wellness goals are part of life, and life’s too short not to have fun. Adjust your attitude and try these tricks the next time you’re feeling weighed down by failure. Take a breath, have a laugh and get right back on track.

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