How To Overcome Negative Self-Talk & Reach Your Creative Goals

Written by Jennifer Grace

So, you have an idea to write a book, launch a business, or reach a creative goal … but as soon as you carve out the time to sit down to work on it, the committee chimes in:

What are you crazy, you will never get enough money to pull that off. Don’t be an idiot, that idea has been done before. You don’t have the time to write a book!

That "committee" takes up residence inside of your head and is what stops you from reaching your dream. But where did it even come from? It certainly wasn’t there when you were in kindergarten, right? Because when we were kids we thought we were fabulous, talented and creative!

We would paint our finger paintings and stand back in awe; we would sing our favorite song off-key and think, Wow, that sounded really good! Or, we would wear those crazy purple polka dotted pants that we loved so much and rock them at school without a care in the world.

But then somebody said something.

Someone who said they meant well — a teacher, your parents or peers — letting us know that maybe we should do sports instead of painting. Or maybe they laughed when we tried to sing, letting us know how off-key we sounded. And of course they criticized the purple polka-dotted pants.

Over time, these voices outside our heads started to turn inward. And now, instead of hearing how gorgeous and talented and fabulous we are, we only hear the "committee" chiming in about how uncreative, off-key, and weird we are. It's seemingly all downhill from here.

As adults, we need to reprogram the negative beliefs we have about ourselves so that it no longer keeps us stuck in our tracks.

Here are four simple solutions to silence what I like to call "The Itty Bitty Shitty Committee" that lives inside our heads, for good.

1. On a piece of paper, draw your main "Committee Member," and give him or her a name such as "Mr. No" or "Negative Nancy." List three negative things it says about your inability to pull off your dream. Hang it up and promptly throw darts at it, light it on fire (safely!), or crumple it up and throw it away.

2. Journal about the origin of your negative thoughts … find its origin. Who was it that first said that you were not “good enough?”

3. Replace your negative chatter with your "Voice of Wisdom" (it’s a cross between your favorite aunt and a really loud cheerleader) and write down three positive things that it says as to why you can pull off your dream.

4. Write six affirmations on 3x5 cards and read them aloud everyday; such as "Money flows to me effortlessly," or, "I’m tapped into an endless source of creativity," and "I have all the time in the world!"

And most importantly, remember that you will never find the time to finally live the life of your dreams. You have to create it! Money is everywhere, you just have to look. Your creative idea is original because it is coming through you!

Want to know more? Watch this short video from my Shot of Truth series, to reveal the real secret to making sh*t happen and reaching your creative dreams.

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Jennifer Grace
Jennifer Grace
Voted number #1 Life Coach in South Florida by New Times, Jennifer Grace is a Hay House author and...
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Jennifer Grace
Jennifer Grace
Voted number #1 Life Coach in South Florida by New Times, Jennifer...
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