7 Things You Need To Know Today (August 2)

1. Whole Foods Market unveils first five locations of its new 365 stores.

These value-oriented, millennial focused stores will debut in Los Angeles (Silver Lake and Santa Monica), Portland, Bellevue, and Houston in 2016. (Specialty Food)

2. A new study suggests the friendships you forge in your 20s and 30s are key to your well-being.

If you want to be healthy and happy when you're older, you need awesome friends right now. (Quartz)

3. Boy with cerebral palsy tosses his walker at triathlon finish line.

Bailey Matthews is an inspiration to us all. (Mashable)

4. Ten incredible facts about SoulCycle.

Apparently "Monday at noon panic" is a real thing. (Racked)

5. Facebook can improve your romantic relationships.

If you really want commitment, you might want to start declaring your affection on the social networks. (Psychology Today)

6. Being into fitness is a prerequisite for being a trendsetting woman.

And you also write for mbg, of course. (Racked)

7. If you want to eat for longevity you can eat sourdough bread (and you don't have to eat kale!)

“A true sourdough bread will actually lower the glycemic load of a meal. But it has to be a real sourdough bread.” - our friend and mbg contributor, Dan Buettner in a great piece profiling him and his Blue Zones revolution. (NYT Sunday Styles)

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